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christian   fitsch-mouras




A result-oriented and optimistic Sr Operating Executive with international background and proven abilities in strategic planning, managing projects, improving efficiency of operations and team building. Quickly grasps complex concepts, analyzes and interprets ideas into a logical strategy. Able to identify areas of strength and weakness and implement company policies, standards, systems and changes that optimize productivity and bottom line. Demonstrated ability to motivate staff and control costs through effective use of resources.


                  P&L / Operations Management & Budgeting                              Sales & Business Development

                  World Class Manufacturing                                                            Contract / Price Negotiation

                  Project Management / Engineering                                               Team building / Leadership

                  Industrial Engineering Practices                                                   Multilingual / International Trading


Professional Experience

BOCCARD LIFE SCIENCES Houston, Texas (part of BOCCARD Entreprises)                                   2010 – Present  

CEO  (from September 2010 on)

Created, developed and manage Boccard’s US based branch of the Food-Pharma division. Sell, design and deliver complete turnkey processing systems for the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and cosmetic industry, in North America (US, Canada, Mexico).

·          Started on September 1st, 2010 from scratch, delivered double digit Million USD sales in year 1, as planned, and EBIT 9% above target

·          Ended year 1 with a backlog for year 2 equivalent to 4.5 times the sales of year 1

·          Expanded the customer base by 300% in 14 months


photo-me group (Quoted on the London Stock Exchange)                                                               2008 – 2009  


KIS / Managing Director  (March 2008 to Apr. 2009)

Direct and manage the R&D and manufacturing operations of the Photo-Me Group for photo finishing equipment including but not limited to minilabs, photobooths, photo printing kiosks and photobook making equipment. 250 employees including sales and marketing (manufacturing in France and in low cost countries)

·          Reorganised the company in line with the significant downturn of the minilab market

·          Diversified the activities towards biometric applications and toward green energy.

·          Brought the company back to breakeven and growth thanks to successful new product strategy.


SIDEL, Strasbourg, France                                                                                                        2005 – 2007

(Both positions at the same time, according to Sidel’s matrix organzation)


Vice President of Operations (Aug.2005 – Jan.2008)

Lead the Engineering & Turnkey division, for Northern & Eastern Europe and for part of Africa, directing and managing the operations and the development of engineering, line integration and turnkey projects with a team of 150 professionals and sales in the magnitude of EUR 165 million.

·          Successfully managed growth from €4M in 2004 to €60M in 2005 and €140M in 2006.

General Manager / 325 employees directly or indirectly involved in engineering or equipment manufacturing.


SIDEL / GEBO, Bradenton, FL (USA)                                                                                         1999 – 2005

(Both positions at the same time, according to Sidel’s matrix organzation)


Vice President of Operations (Jan.2004 – July 2005)

Lead the North American Engineering & Turnkey division, including Canada and Mexico, directing and managing the operations and the development of engineering, line integration and turnkey projects with a team of 120 professionals throughout the continent and sales in the magnitude of USD 65 million.


General Manager  (Sept. 1999 – July 2005)

Directed and managed the US operations of SIDEL, Packaging Systems Division. Responsible for the General Management of all functions including Human Resources, Engineering, Manufacturing, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Finance and Administration, Research and Development and Sales.

·          Increased operational earnings from -3.5% to 11.6% while reducing personnel turnover from 20% to less than 5%.

·          Successfully implemented a quality system, ISO 9001:2000 registered.

·          Managed closing of Bradenton facility in support of corporate decision to downsize 15% worldwide. Ensure minimal impact on the community while maintaining customer service and coordinating the seamless transition of activities to various worldwide operations.


dcs engineering, Strasbourg, France. (GEBO’s Engineering company)                                   1991 – 1999


Technical Director  (May 1997 – Aug.1999)

Assisted the General Manager in all tasks related to engineering activities, sales support and budget control. Continued to perform all responsibilities of Project Director.


Project Director  (Apr.1995 – Apr.1997)

Supervised, coached and directed Project Managers and major projects, primarily in the field of high speed bottling, to the benefit of customers including Coca-Cola, Guinness and South African Breweries.


Project Manager  (Dec.1991 – Apr.1995)

Managed numerous projects, from front end engineering to installation, start up and commissioning, in food and beverage packaging and process. Worked with major clients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and Germany.


kraft jacobs suchard, Strasbourg, France                                                               1988 – 1991


Production Manager  (Aug.1989 – Nov.1991)

Directed and managed a 24/7 fabrication process, molding and packaging operations with 70 employees.

·          Increased line efficiency by more than 100% and reduced rework by 67%  through people management and minor technical improvements

·          Developed and implemented the first Employee Performance Self Appraisal process in the Company. This process was then taken over by the Human Resources department and extended to the entire plant (1,000 employees).


Research & Development  Process Manager  (Jan.1988 – Aug.1989)

Developed new fabrication processes for new products of chocolate confectionary and improved existing processes.

·         Developed a new technology for industrial powder coating of chocolate candies with cocoa powder, much more cost effective, cleaner and easier to operate than the traditional process.

·         Improved several manufacturing processes resulting in quality improvements, reduction of rework and increased productivity.



ARMY      Military Service & Reserve in the infantry – Officer                                               1986 – 1997

COFFEX Coffee decaffeination - Plant Engineer                                                            1986 – 1986




·         Diplom Engineer, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et des Industries Alimentaires, Nancy, France

      [ Engineering degree including Business Administration syllabus ]


·         DEUG of Biochemistry, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France

      [ “DEUG” stands for “General University Education Degree, the first two years in a French university ]


           LANGUAGES                                         recent Professional Development


·         Fluent in English and French                                         HIPAA legal training class

·         Conversational in German                                      “Leadership & Management In Action”

·         Developing in Spanish                                             Negotiation with Industrial Purchaser


Other:                        Private Pilote – IFR rated                                  US resident (Green Card)